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2 reviews for Adderall 7.5mg

  1. lincoln

    “I suffer from a fairly severe case of ADHD, and take 7.5mg Adderall daily. Having been on this medication for quite a few years now and taking an almost 7 month break from Adderall, I’ve gained a better understanding of myself both on and off the drug. Adderall gives me a balance in every sense of the word. It helps me regulate my emotions, gives me the focus I lack, and allows me to feel whole inside. I also feel that it helps me with connecting to others. With impulsivity as a main symptom of my ADHD and one that gets me in a lot of trouble, Adderall helps me to be more mindful when I am communicating myself to the people that I care about. Aside from the mild appetite suppression, this drug really does wonders for people like me.”

  2. dora vincente

    ADHD “Adderall 7.5mg is the only thing that has helped me be normal. The very first day on this medication my anxiety was gone, the crushing pressure on my chest and racing thoughts were gone. I focused the majority of the day at work, was able to comprehend what people were saying to me, I did well on all my testing for nursing school. This medication has changed every aspect of my life. Now after being on it for months my insurance has taken it off the covered list. The generic version of the medication is not good. I am now paying out of pocket after 2 med trials because it made me feel hopeless and the adderall brand Xr is the only thing thus far that’s worked for me for my adhd.”

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