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Adderall 5 mg is a schedule II controlled substance. This status is being given by the drug enforcement agency DEA. In total, Adderall is a very trusted and popular medication.



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4 reviews for Adderall XR 25mg

  1. grace preacher

    Thank you for the shipment I’ll recommend…. ☺️

  2. miranda alvarez

    Amazing product. Was starting to think it was a fake but i was excited when I received the pack. Thanks again buddies.

  3. francis trent

    I am currently on Adderall XR 25MG, and it has changed so many different aspects of my life, including depression. I was prescribed Adderall because I was about to be terminated from my job. Back to the drug, I take it around 6am everyday, and found that my overall mood has changed. I am not as emotional as I was before, yet I am still able to express my feelings when necessary without the full breakdowns. I have been dealing with Major Depressive Disorder, and this medication has alleviated most of those feelings. However, the medication has not been a miracle drug, and it contains no magic! For me, ADD has always been there. For me, it took me to be 36 years old to finally realize it was time to visit a psychiatrist, regardless of all the negative stigmas; I was glad I did, because it gave me many suspected answers, rather than self diagnosing situations.”

  4. greg simons

    “Adderall generics worked very well for me in the past. They were life changing and allowed me to start repairing the damage from my catastrophic undiagnosed adult life. Near the end of July I refilled my prescription and the manufacturer was changed to Actavis, which is own by Teva, who is in partnership with Takeda-Shire–the original name brand manufacturers. This is not a big pharma conspiracy, as the companies in question are not conspiring. This current formula is not effective. There is a quality control issue. This is anti consumer and unethical by health care standards defined by millennia of western civilization. There is no reason for the disparity in quality. I can only assume maleficence on the manufacturers behalf, as these separate companies ARE NOT actually separate. I am guessing the quality issue is part of planned obsolescence or some other marketing ploy.”

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